About Cave Creek Firewood

Cave Creek Firewood is a small, family owned business with our main location in Cave Creek, Arizona. Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality firewood, cooking and smoking woods, and provide premium firewood for their outdoor uses such as chimineas, fire pits, and camping. In addition to cooking wood and firewood we also offer tree removal services.

Cave Creek Firewood offers several varieties of hardwoods and softwoods, each with its own unique characteristic and use from providing home heating needs, to campfire wood, to smoking and BBQ woods for cooking and grilling. These varieties can be purchased in any Quantity – an armful, to a ¼ cord, ½ cord, full cord, or multi cord orders – to be picked up or delivered. All of our firewood is seasoned, split, cut between sixteen to eighteen inches in length, palletized for your convenience, and is ready to burn upon delivery or pickup.