Types of Firewood

Cave Creek Firewood offers seasoned fire wood in Juniper, Peacon, Mesquite, Pinyon, Eucalptus, Pine, and Arzona White Oak. Our firewood is available 1/4 Cord, 1/2 Cord, and Full Cord and comes delivered and stacked if needed.

Alligator Juniper Firewood Juniper is from Arizona's high country. This wood is wonderfully fragrant with a cedar like aroma – burning or not! Medium hardness, good mixer. Alligator juniper is excellent in the fireplace or backyard fire pit with a cozy lively fire with crackle, pop and pleasant aroma. Used by many of Arizona's elite resorts. Arizonans love this wood! This is a medium burning wood with a wonderful aroma. It is easy to light but leaves a lot of ash.

Hardness: 5

Oak Firewood Hardwood Long lasting hardwood, burns hot with a good bed of coals. Excellent for grilling and smoking. This is a hard, long burning wood. It leaves a hot coal base and is often used for cooking.

Hardness: 10

Pecan Firewood A great wood for cooking, bbq smoking and fireplaces. One of the better hardwoods that burns with very little smoke. A great mixer to burn with other aromatic woods. Pecan seldom disappoints and is the choice of many professional chefs for grilling, smoking and in pizza ovens. This is a long burning hard wood. Residents find this wood to be clean burning and ideal for heating and cooking.

Hardness: 8

Shaggy Bark Juniper Firewood (Utah Juniper or cedar) slightly less expensive than Alligator Juniper with all the same burning qualities. The "shaggy bark" provides a built in kindling for starting the fire. Medium hardness, clean burning and good mixer with any hardwood. This is a medium burning wood with a wonderful aroma. It is easy to light but leaves a lot of ash.

Hardness: 4

Mesquite Firewood Slow burning hardwood. Excellent for grilling and smoking a very popular wood with valley steakhouses. Tends to be too smoky for fireplaces and camp fires.This is a long burning desert wood local to the Sonoran Desert. When this wood is properly lit it burns nice and clean. This is recommended for cooking. It adds a savory flavor to BBQ foods.

Hardness: 9

Pinyon Firewood The smoky pine fragrance adds a great aroma to any occasion. Pinion wood is the perfect firewood for chimineas, outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, and campfires. It is hot burning and is also desired for its wonderful aroma which often repels flying insects, including mosquitoes. Pinyon firewood is great for your outdoor and indoor fireplace. Great aroma during the Fall and Spring and at those holiday gatherings.

Hardness: 6

Eucalyptus Firewood (River Red Gum) Native to Austrailia. Similar to Oak, good local hardwood, very clean burning, good as mixer, and will burn for longer and emit more heat than many other types of wood.

Hardness: 7

Peach Firewood is a favorite smoking wood of many. It's sweet flavor is delicate yet the high BTU rating can cook hot like Hickory & Apple woods. Our Peach chunks are dried just right so the natural sugars are still there to flavor your food. This is not stale wood that should be used in the fireplace. These are fresh chunks full of natural flavor. FRESH IS BEST !!

We recommend Peach for flavoring chicken, turkey, fish & pork. It really goes well with just about anything.

Hardness: 6