Residential Firewood

Some people heat their homes with firewood while others simply like the ambiance of a warm, flickering fire on a cold winter night.

Firewood can be delivered in measurements of a half-cord, a cord or several cords. The firewood is delivered dumped or stacked (stacking within 30' is included with no additional charge.).

For wood-burning stoves or ovens, we can provide smaller cuts.

We also supply chiminea and smoking woods such as, apple, oak, pecan, mesquite and hickory.

Here in the valley we recommend the following types of wood for burning in both indoor and outdoor fireplaces. These are aromatic woods which smell great, burn clean and are relatively easy to light.

Alligator Juniper, this wood is wonderfully fragrant – burning or not! Juniper is from Arizona's high country. Alligator juniper makes excellent firewood because of the relatively high heat value and the pleasant aroma. Arizonans love this wood!

Shaggy Juniper, slightly less expensive than Alligator Juniper but burns slower and longer. There is a little more mess with the "shaggy bark" but this wood is very aromatic and pops and crackles when burning. Burns much like better hardwoods and is relatively easy to light.

Pinyon, enjoy your fire with the wonderful unique aroma of pinion firewood. Pinyon wood (pronounced "Pin-ion") is a dense, slow growing hardwood pine found in the mountains of the southwest United States. Burned alone or along with other woods, Pinion wood is a natural mosquito repellent. The smoky pine fragrance adds a great aroma to any occasion.

Pecan, a great wood for cooking and bbq. One of the better hardwoods that burns with very little smoke. A great mixer to burn with other aromatic woods.

Delivered 4' x 16' x 18-20" wide
Delivered 4' x 8' x 18-20" wide

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