Customer Feedback:

I have lived in Phoenix since 1976. In all these years I have never been able to find a reliable source for good firewood, let alone solid, dry firewood.  Some companies took my money and never showed up, delivered old wet wood, rotted wood or wood whose size was ridiculously large for my needs - or anyone else's.   Cave Creek Firewood not only provided the best firewood I have ever seen, but provided it at the size I needed, dry, delivered and stacked by fast and courteous staff.  You have a lifetime customer in us!
John Bennard - 12/03/2007


This is without a doubt the greatest source for firewood ever.  Please don't go out of business like these other fly by night organizations that claim to have great firewood.  CC Firewood's courteous staff helped 
me load my firewood for a nominal fee and it was well worth it.  They had me up and running in no time flat.  I will always depend on their fantastic, personalized service whenever I need to get a fire in the 
fireplace.  Thanks, Cave Creek Firewood.  You are the best!

Sidney Thompson




   I just wanted to say thank you to cave creek firewood. My family and I owe you a great big hug.
As I snuggle by the fire with my special friend, all we can do is just smile in the great warmth that your wood has provided for us.
That is the orangest fire I've ever seen.  Thanks again C.C.F.W. I'll tell all my friends. You Rock!    

Sincerely,  Richard James Jr. Tempe AZ.