Chiminea Firewood

Our chiminea wood, pinion wood is cut to about the size of a baseball making our pinion wood just the right size for any chiminea. After we custom cut our pinion wood we bag it in 1 cubic foot bags. The weight will vary. We sell our pinion wood by volume not by weight. This is the only true method of delivering a fair measurement of firewood. When we cut our pinion wood it weights about 35 pounds and as the wood seasons it could weigh as much as 25 pounds. I like to sell our pinion wood a little green so it burns longer and you get more fire for your money. If its too seasoned it burns faster then I would prefer.

Chiminea chunks is a mixture of pinyon, juniper, cedar, pecan and oak in 6 to 12 inches in lengths.  

Great for outdoor burning!

For use in chimineas, outdoor fireplaces or fire pits.

Delivered 4' x 16' x 18-20" wide
Delivered 4' x 8' x 18-20" wide

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